Photography of Brian Gaberman
The Element Years: 2006-2013

Excerpt from the book’s introduction:
“In 2006, Brian began his lengthy and productive relationship with Element Skateboards. In the beginning stages of this movement, he begrudgingly adapted to shooting in the digital format to keep up with modern production and time constraints. ‘If anything defines me,’ Brian said, ‘it is my attachment to traditional film photography and printing, so it was really hard to switch.’

Brian developed a multi-program system that gets his photos where he wants them to go. ‘With digital photography, I really aim to restrict myself to what I’m capable of accomplishing in the traditional darkroom.’ Even with Brian’s movement into digital photography, his unique signature style is still, or even more, apparent than ever. Within the pages of this book is a good look into where Brian and his photographic craft have evolved.

Element has afforded Brian a wide range of experiences and destinations to document skateboarding, and an amazing team of modern day rippers and seasoned veteran legends to work with. It’s been a long and intensive journey of learning and doing that brought Brian’s eye and vision to develop to this point. Here is a select viewing of some of the fruits of that journey.” —Thomas Campbell

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