It’s funny how video parts have changed over the last couple years, but still are pretty much the same. On the outside, they are just video edits in a sea of other video edits, but on the inside, they’re the same as they always were: A skater and a filmer putting hours and hours of work towards a project that people will forget way faster than the time it took to put it out. Our attention span is ruined, but it’s ok. That’s just how it goes in 2018. Doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and enjoy a good dose of skateboard footage anymore, but it’s definitely harder than it was.

Forget your ADD for a second, smoke a fatty and get inspired by Mark Tison’s 5 favorite video parts. You’ll remember that there are still some clips out there that deserve to be watched over and over again.


1: Mark Gonzales in Video Days.

I mean, no need to describe why.


2: Tom Boyle at the end of Rubbish Heap

Just so raw. No music, no humans, just Tom’s powering style on a blank canvas. Oh, and that FS rockslide revert. RIP Tom.


3: Colin McKay in Plan B Virtual Reality

The song and the effortlessness, way ahead of its time vert tricks by this Canadian OG.


4: Gou Miyagi in Heroin’s Video Nasty

This part is a great reminder that skateboarding isn’t a sport but an artform, thank you.


5: Any Bru-Ray edit

Last but not least, I really miss going on the Thrasher site and being treated to a Bru Ray clip. The raw skating of most of my faves and the chuckling and stoke of one of the greatest humans ever to roam planet earth. RIP Preston.


Marc Tison, 5-0 at Raphael Pool in Montreal.




Text by Phil Lajeunesse

Photos by Dan Mathieu