5 Video Parts – Andrew McGraw

It’s funny how the video part game has changed over the last couple years, but it still is pretty much the same. On the outside, a modern video part is just an edit in a sea of other video edits, but on the inside, it’s the same as it always was: A skater and a filmer putting hours and hours of work towards a project that people will forget way faster than the time it took to put it out. 

To sit back and enjoy a good dose of skateboard footage is definitely harder than it was. The collective attention span has been shattered by over stimulation, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Forget your ADD for a second, just sit back, relax and get inspired by Andrew McGraw’s top 5 video parts of all time. Peep it. You’ll remember that there are still some clips out there that deserve to be watched over and over again.


Gino Iannuci – Trilogy

The Italian Stallion!

Kareem Cambell – Trilogy

Classic Style. And he checks his pager during a line!

Guy Mariano – Mouse

Guy on drugs is my favorite Guy. Sorry pc world.

Lavar mcbride – 411vm 19

He raps and does karate in his part.

Wade Fyfe – North

Canadian legend.



Andrew McGraw, frontside feeble



By Phil Lajeunesse

Photos by Dan Mathieu