From our latest issue 17.2 Worldly Possessions with Rob “Sluggo” Boyce


 Lately we’ve been over saturated with skate videos and new ams each week, some come and go and some last. To be honest it’s hard to tell them apart from each other at times when companies have skaters that look the same, it’s pretty un-original. Now some times there’s a guy that totally stands out and separates him self from the pack, this is “Sluggo” there’s no two out there. There’s not enough text in this magazine to tell the story of this amazing human. He’s skated with everyone, been a pro skater and pro snowboarder at the same time, worked on movies with Will Smith, and been on the scene since day one. Oh, he’s getting younger with age and can still kick your ass and do a back flip on a skateboard. He also has a massive collection of souvenir’s he’s accumulated over his long career, it was hard to choose a few. – Brian Caissie


1. Well if you have known me since the first day I started skating . Christian Hosoi , Steve Cab and Chris Miller are my favourite dudes, lots of style, power and grace. About 15 years ago PD from the Hot shop, Canada’s old skate shop and brand gave this to me as a gift. It may as well been Christmas of 1986 I was that happy. Thank you PD .


2. I am not a toy guy like my brother Dave but when someone makes a toy of some of my best and closest friends you can be sure I grabbed them. Danny Way, Colin Mckay and Rick Howard and that dude from TV Rob something .


3. Ben Tour is one of my two artists I have on my walls. I have a sick three piece in my living room that I bought at Ayden Gallery years back. Its amazing characters merging into one another extremely realistic and you can sense their energy, good and bad . Ben and with wife Don have since become really good friends. They live on the Sunshine Coast with there beautiful kids.


4. I have a bunch of Peter Taylor pieces, he’s one of the greatest people I have ever met and I am happy to call him my best friend. He does all kinds of styles, the Buddha guys doing yoga is one of my favourites. He drew it in Australia 2012. It was small but very detailed. I had it blown up and it looked almost as amazing as the original.


5. El Cartel in downtown Vancouver puts on a ton of art shows and a couple times they handed out 50 or so plain white sneakers to Vancouver many artists. A few months later they sold off the original pieces. I bought these ones. The art on the sneaker is rad but I truly loved the custom wooden box Peter Taylor made for them.


6. My infrared sauna. My grandfather used to hit the Oak bay pool sauna everyday. He brought me with him many times to meet all the old dudes he spoke to there. Now I do it everyday. It’s a great reset button and it reminds me of him. If I have a problem I sit and talk to him out loud and more times than not a solution will pop into my head. I like to think he’s giving me theses answers. I love and miss you Granda .


Sluggo Stalefish grab over Jamie Maley’s invert at Hastings bowl. Photo Rich Odam