Haslam’s Blog, Epicly Daewon, Alien shows up at Sheckler’s Birthday and sbcskateboard.com: banned in Oman



Haslam’s Blog

If you make your way over to Globe.tv they have a new feature in
Haslam’s section, a handy blog to keep up with Chris and his exciting
life. To find out what he did for new Years, go here, and below find A Haslam Christmas card borrowed from Almost’s site.



Daewon part 2

Head over here
to see Daewon’s second installment on Epicly Later’d. Daewon waxes
poetic about the L.A. skate spots of 90’s lore. There’s some classic
Daewon and some Jeremy Klein footage.


Alien at large

If you go over to the Toy Machine page
and scroll down to just below the Christmas tree picture you will find
a bunch of photos from Ryan Sheckler’s birthday party, which Toy
Machine rider Billy Marks went too and brought Alien along. I think
that’s definitely Alien with his pants down. Keep representing Canada
to the fullest Alien! Here’s a photo of Alien arm wrestling Sheckler’s
dad that we stole from Toy Machine.



sbcskateboard.com: banned in Oman

Harry Gils is currently traveling about the Middle East and had an
interesting thing happen when he tried to get on our site to check in
on things. Turns out that in Oman, our site is censored and, considered
pornography. Here’s the notice that showed when Harry tried to access
the site.