The first time I went filming with Ryan, he rifled off a dozen tricks down this set.  I remember thinking, “damn this dude doesn’t realize how effortless and good he makes skating look.” Years later, having helped him put two video parts together, I’m only more stoked to watch him skate. Maybe it was all that Taber corn growing up that has turned him into some sort of skate terminator.—Liam Glass

Interview and photos by Liam Glass


Crooked Grind

Who are you where do you live?

My name’s Ryan Spate, friends call me Spate or Spatey. I’ve been living in Calgary for four years now. I’m originally from Taber, AB. You could say I’m a Taberite.

How was growing up and skating in some little Prairie town? You were pretty stoked on Calgary’s crumby spots when you came here.

It was your typical small town living; everyone knew each other some way. It was tight when I first started skating, we had a crew for a couple years but slowly they all moved away so it was hard to stay motivated. That’s when I knew I hate to get out or I’d go insane! Calgary was an eye opener, actually seeing all the spots it had and it being legit spots got me so hyped. It’s what I always dreamed of. Filming and getting photos, having brews with a new crew made me know this is real!

You’ve had two parts since you moved to Calgary. How was it filming for Beerstorm 1 and 2?

Beerstorm 1 was a gong show. Partying, being reckless and ridiculous. One hell of a time though. For Beerstorm 2 I wanted to get more serious, I was disappointed in myself with the first one. I knew I could do a lot better; bring out my full potential.


Backside Kickflip to Fakie

And so you did! What are you most stoked on from this last part?

To start, the beer tasted better after a hammer. But literally the tech tricks, I get so bored and frustrated trying the same thing so many times. The rail tricks were scary. I’m just happy I made a part that I loved. I’m stoked on the rails too, for how many crappy ones we have here and how much effort it takes to fix them to skate.

What the craziest story you have from when we were filming?

I don’t think it’s something crazy, but at Masters we had Ol’ Jim always kicking us out and one time two cop trucks came and you would expect the worst. Tickets, warrants, etc., but they simply asked if we got our tricks and why he’s kicking is out. We were fuckin’ hyped they were so chill! Do you remember anything ducked happening?

There was that time you got bottled in the head at that new years party and I ended passing out at C-Train station. The premieres were both pretty crazy even though I can hardly remember them. How’d your night go?

I can barely remember both Beerstorm nights. I do remember them being pretty awesome, and being rowdy at the first one! The bottle incident though:

News years, some fight was happening outside and saw the homies trekking out there, looked like Wes (of course) was in there. I was chillin’ on the side and all the sudden I got smoked by a full beer bottle and started gushing out of my eyebrow. A couple girls noticed my face was covered in blood so one cleaned me up and the other took me to the hospital. I remember that exact feeling of a full beer bottle hitting me, it was ruthless. 12 stitches later I’ve got a scar on my head.


Backside Noseblunt Slide

Ah the old getting smashed in the face to pick up chicks move. So what are your thoughts on the Calgary skate scene these days?

Ayye you know what it is. I think the skate scene is growing so strong here. You’re seeing a lot of little shits shredding these new parks and C.A.S.E. putting in serious work to make this all happen. Besides the wacky trends. But that’s how it is, and well, skating is still just skateboarding

What do you think the worst trend in skating is right now?

Polo’s? A tied hoodie or rain jacket around your damn waist while you skate? Isn’t it just annoying having that on?

Beats me what Polo has to do with skating. Anything else you’d like to let people know/shout outs?

Ya, shred till you’re dead! Thanks to family, friends, Mission Skateshop, DC Shoes & Apparel Canada, Remind insoles, and NOVO watches.

Ryan’s part from Beerstorm 2.