It’s a quick part, shorter in length than most of what you watch on Instagram these days, but it packs a heavy punch. Multiple hits of yellow lead to an opener of a Nollie Backside Tailslide around the curved ledge at Vancouver’s Hot Spot, while a beat breaks over a victorious synth. There’s an underground line in camo cargos 10 years before you were wearing them. An extremely patient Switch Heelflip Nose Manual with a hefty drop introduces a looped middle eastern chanting. Then comes my personal favourite, in the parking lot of the Nutty Club in Winnipeg: another hit of yellow, this time over top of a rarely seen Frontside 360 Shuv-it. Coming at a time when many skaters were dusting wimpy Frontside Bigspins off curbs to end lines, this was just the introduction for a lengthy up-and-across 50-50 at a spot that has seen less tricks than you’d expect. The part closes out with an exercise in balance, demonstrated with what I estimate to be a 30 foot long Backside Nosegrind revert. Big ups to Wade Fyfe and Ryan McGuigan for this one.—Jeff Thorburn