The opening builds quickly and you know it’s all good stuff to come. Jeremy Elkin sets a classic mood through a mix of static and spastic Super 8 clips, and then Kevin Lowry takes over with a big snap to Backside 50-50 right out of the gate. I had known Kevin for many years by this point, but this part in particular always makes me think of when I first saw Nick Jensen’s part in Lost and Found. Treat yourself to that part after this. Anyway, back to Kevin. Thanks to Elkin’s patience and eye for style, Kevin had an opportunity to explore some lengthy and cutty lines in this part that really gave him a chance to shine. There’s an obvious love of working out night lines in quiet areas. I like the back-to-back Ollies around the 1:00 mark. Those happen on the Stampede grounds in Calgary, and they remind me of a Reese Forbes training regimen.  If you’re a stickler for detail, you may notice the change in footwear from eS to adidas, with some Vans sprinkled in. Things have worked out pretty well with adidas since then. Dig the line at 1:26, sneaking in for a Smith grind. 2:25 brings an out of character big grind surprise, and then you think it might be done after 2:40’s wild ride. But no, you get hit over the head four more times, most notably with the Full Cab to Fakie Nose Manual, which still to this day blows me away.—Jeff Thorburn