For the last 2 years London, Ontario’s Jordan Guzyk has been hard at work with his friends on the Kbye video. After premiering it a few weeks back, he has now graciously put it online for free. We hit up Jordan to ask him a bit about making the video and the skaters that appear in it. So, without further adieu here is the Kbye video and some photos of the crew with extended captions by Jordan.

Kbye. from Jordan Guzyk on Vimeo.

Mike Mains, Switch Backside Flip Nosemanual 180. Will Jivcoff photo
Mains moved to London for school last September, I met him at Victoria Park and we’ve been skating together since. He was a last minute addition to the video in 2009, so we thought filming for 2010 would be a good idea. He is a hilarious guy, who is super nice and amazing on a skateboard. This trick was shot on the hottest day of the year, one of those 30+ days. Mains went at it for at least 30 minutes in the boiling sun until he landed on the perfect one. Just think of all those calories you burned buddy!

Colin Findlater, Switch Feeble. Will Jivcoff photo
When I first decided to make a video, Colin was one of the first people who wanted to film a full part. Colin has undeniable talent on a skateboard, he’s super consistent and a perfectionist. Not that it’s a bad thing, I mean who wants to work for a trick and have it not come out looking the way you want? Over the process of filming Colin released most of his 2009 footage and basically started from scratch in 2010. He went above and beyond his goal of having a full part and logged at least 300 clips on my computer. This switch feeble is a perfect example of his talent on a skateboard.

Andrew Jones, Nollie Double Heelflip. Steve Pritula photo
I met Andrew when he was going to school in London at Fanshawe College. He’s an incredibly opinionated person with political and world issues, and can make you think twice about any subject. He’s a humble guy and is also heavily motivated by the people around him, so skating with him was a real pleasure. If you want him to land a trick, offering to buy him a 99 cent Arizona drink from the corner store usually makes it happen.

Dave Hnatiuk, 180 Fakie Nosegrind. Will Jivcoff photo
Dave Hnatiuk or “Hnatchie” as Mains likes to call him has unbelievable pop, especially with his fakie game. The dude is always down to film and is always the most motivated to leave the skate park. Dave always makes a session fun. No one really has a clue who he is, but he’s got skill and his part will definitely surprise a lot of people.

Tim Bobnis, Hardflip. Steve Pritula photo
I’ve been skating with Tim for about 4 years now. The youngest kid in a group is usually the one who gets the most shit, and nothing was different for Tim. The day this hard flip went down we were rolling 6 deep in a two door Saturn. On our way to the spot Tim and I got in a full out fistfight in the back seat of the car with Dave and Colin pressed up against window. The spot is usually a high bust and we had already been kicked out 10 minutes earlier, but Tim still wanted to try his trick. Steve set up his gear, I got my camera out, and about 8 tries later, Tim was rolling away right in to a $65 trespassing ticket.

Byron Ready, Frontside Boardslide. Will Jivcoff photo
If any of you have seen Byron skate, you know he’s extremely consistent. I met Byron in the Summer of 2009 and we‘ve been filming together ever since. Byron lives in Guelph, but he may as well be considered a Londoner since he spends most of his time skating and hanging out here. We got this Frontboard just a few days after Byron had recovered from a tweaked ankle. We were on our way back to town when we spotted what seemed to be a perfect handrail. Once we got up to it, we realized that it was not perfect in the slightest. The rail was fairly tall and about 8 feet of patio tile run up. Definitely a pop and drop. Byron checked it out for a second and then hopped right on, rolling out only a few tries later.

If you’d like a DVD copy of Kbye, you can visit Jordan’s blog and purchase it through paypal.