Watch Latchkey Skateboard's Neil Blackwood's 3 day KFBSTS battle at Roy. Filmed by Bowdigga Photo by Ty James
The annual Koffin Vauhtikisat took place last Saturday in Helsinski and like always, it looks like a blast! Hit play. Briggs Ogloff out of Vancouver , BC brings you 'STORIES' his latest short video featuring the likes of Tom Robinson, Owen Brackman, Mike Phillips, Austin Gino, Austin Calvello, Mark Underwood and...
Apéro is the latest video from Sherbrooke, QC based DSC skateboards. Lots of never seen before spots in this one. I think a visit to Sherbrooke is mandatory this summer. Here is the teaser for Byron Ready and Jessy Brown's Sticks Video.
Another great VX offering straight out of Calgary with an even greater video name! Sit back and watch this eye pleasing production filmed and edited by Justin Khuu ! Featuring @med1umb @shtondobley @dillzzz @4ndyone and many more!

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