A summary of history, community, and culture of arguably the most famous skatepark in the world, Burnside Skatepark Photographer Hames Ellerbe made this rad not for profit documentary for his Master thesis. Really worth a watch. .
Bobby Dekezyer - Converse PURPLE Rick McCrank - eSpecial Stefan Janoski - Transworld Subtleties Austyn Gillette - Habitat Origin Brad Cromer - Krooked LSD
SAVE THAT CLIP, a new skateboarding edit coming out of the streets of Montreal by Bshan. Featuring Johnny Purcell, Kyle McDonald, Zander Mitchell, Will Marshall, Phil Lajeunesse, Ryan Lebel, Chris St-Cyr, Scott Decenzo, Conor Neeson, Max Coté.
Build For Bokma fundraiser at Skateloft, Sunday May 5th 2018. Amazing session on the new Installation by Build for Bokma. Everyone went off for a good cause, great to see the community come together and build!
It’s funny how the video part game has changed over the last couple years, but it still is pretty much the same. On the outside, a modern video part is just an edit in a sea of other video...

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