Video by bhannahson
Here's a great video from Alberta's Olive skateboards, chronicling the history of the brand with behind the scenes footage of one of Canada's longest running independent manufacturers. Olive Skateboards - Made in Canada from Geoff Kramer on Vimeo.
From my first New Deal tshirt in 1992, I've always been a fan of Andy Howell's art. So I was pretty stoked to get to watch enjoy Padartist episode 43 with the man himself.
In celebration of April 11th (4/11), here's the issue that started it all, 411VM #1 (Jul/Aug '93)---the "Extra Fat Premier Issue."
Green Apple Skateshop presents 'GANG GREEN 1.0' Filmed by : Dillan Lavallee, Jaydon Koroscil and Oliver Sadler. Edited by: Ryan McGuigan. - SHOP RIDERS : Chris Guzzi Mike McDermott Shea Davis DBT Jaydon Koroscil Malcolm Moffat Kyle Nickoshie Kevin Friesen Chris Rossong Cole Middleton David Beach Dylan Kuhn - SOUNDTRACK BY : Death Grips - @bbpoltergiest...
Last week our friends at Timebomb Trading hit the road and drove down the West Coast to San Francisco. The crew was Steve Graham, Mikey Ray, Tyler holm, Dillion Moore, Kieran Zimmerman, Layne Capplette, Adam Hopkins, Mike Davidson and photographer Liam...

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