Welcome to our 1st installment of Backpack And A Board, a journey with Canadian skateboarder Sean Hayes. Sean has embarked on a wild journey through South America with his skateboard and a backpack. We catch up Sean on his first leg of the trip in Bogota Columbia. Enjoy.


My skateboard has always been my true passport to international travel. It has granted me access to some of the coolest people and places all over the world. It doesn’t matter if I have been in South Africa for the Maloof Money Cup, with the Plan B team in the Dominican Republic, or in Barcelona for the X-Games with Ryan Decenzo. I have come to realize that the global community of skaters is one of the most unique, well informed, and adventurous types of tour guides you could ever hope for.
 Now in Bogota, Colombia, I have begun the kind of skateboard adventure I always dreamed of as a kid. My backpacks, guitar and skateboard. There is nothing more I really need. I will stay in cheap hostels, I will make friends with local skaters, I will tour the country and skate each city with new friends at new spots.
Am I worried about the fact I can hardly communicate in Spanish? Not really; From all the experience I have traveling I know that all I need to do is just keep skating. I have played games of skate in 5 of the 7 continents. If you weren’t sure, it is a universal game. It starts with a game of rock, paper, scissors and ends when someone gets five letters. Want to meet a skater in any country? See if they want to play a game of skate.
I don’t care where you are in the world, I have never played a game of skate with someone and not walked away friends. And so far in Bogota, I have met some amazing skaters. — Sean Hayes

This is everything I brought with me on my trip to Colombia. The skate gear I have with me includes: 3 new Darkstar “Armor Ply” Ryan Decenzo pro models, 2 sets Bones 52mm wheels, 1 set Bones 53mm, 2 sets Bones Swiss bearings, 1 set of mounting machines hardware(Yes, Jody Morris and Rick McCrank’s company), 2 sets Bones hard bushings, 1 unit tool, Red Dragon stickers, 2 pairs of Ryan Decenzo’s Globe pro model.

The skate scene in Colombia reminds me a lot of Canada. The spots are rough, the skaters don’t get hooked up as much as they would in the states, but the passion in the streets reminds me of skating downtown Vancouver when I was younger.

 I asked my friend David Gonzales if he could hook me up with some Colombian “Amigos” to skate with down here. I went and met up with the OnBoard skateshop team and they took me out filming with them on a Sunday skate mission.

Mateo Martinez, feeble grind transfer

Juaner Romero, crooked grind transfer

Jhancarlos Gonzalez, nose grind pop-out

About every five blocks there are people with street stands selling massive amounts of shoe laces.  Not really sure how great a business model this is, but as a skater I have already replaced my ripped laces twice for a cost of less than $1.

A shot of my more “important belongings”

Orlando, one of the most talented painters I have ever seen. He lives on the streets of Bogota and sets up his “gallery” each day in the same spot just outside the hostel I am staying in. I hooked him up with a Zoo York hoodie and he gave me one of his pieces.