Author: Matt Williams

A Closer Look at the Skate Girls of Kabul

Most of us in the skate community know what Skateistan is all about, however to those on the outside, it’s one of those hidden feel good stories to come out of the skate scene.  Recently, we had the opportunity to work with the Aga Khan museum and their amazing partners to help bring to life the work of Award winning photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson through her visit to Kabul and her firsthand experience with Skateistan and the solid work that they do every day.   Written by: Sierra Bein In a part of the world where women were once threatened for playing sports, a...

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The Local Has a Deathwish

The Local Skateshop out of Hamilton, ON recently scored a collab deck with Deathwish Skateboards. If you read this far, you’ve likely checked out their team edit above featuring The Local Skateshop crew: Riley Cronin, Chen Guevarra, Bailey Seager, Drew Fraser, Noah Tynes, Jason Dworsky, Big D, Damon Conners, Tyler Debathe, Conrad Arnold, Ryan Jacusiw, Tatem & Cory Perry. Filmer and Editor Mr. Mikey Ahee Special thanks to Raj from Mehrathon Trading....

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Rollout Video Recap

Photo Credit: Nathan Ethier-Myette This past Sunday, skaters rode through Montreal for the annual Rollout.  With a final destination at Peace Park, skaters threw down their best tricks in the skate jam.  Enough reading, check out the recap in the clip...

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Montreal’s “Rollout” this Sunday, June 18th

Prepare your boards for the third edition of Montreal’s “Rollout” on Sunday, June 18th! The meeting point at 2:30 pm at the Parc des Royaux (corner of Rouen and Avenue de Lorimier). At 3:00pm the Rollout start towards Peace Park, with a stop at the corner of Berri and Maisonneuve where the novice skaters will join the heard. Once the mob of skaters arrive in Peace Park we will take a group photo before the $500 in cash for Tricks jam session starts. There will also be a BBQ fundraiser for the Montreal Skateboard Association, music and a product toss. Here’s the low-down on the...

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