Author: Jill Ellsworth

MEHRATHON Brand Releases Automne 17 Lookbook

“It’s not a race, it’s a Mehrathon.” Mehrathon is proud to launch their newest collection “Automne 17”, which has already landed in select shops across the country. The brand gathered images that reflect their vision and products for this season to compile this lookbook. Check out the full collection here....

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Peace Park Documentary – The Movie That Saved Skateboarding

Montreal’s Peace Park is the first public park in the world where skateboarding has been legalized; but that wasn’t always the case. Today, on the 24th anniversary of the inauguration of the park, David Bouthillier, known to many as “Boots”, is releasing his full-length film Peace Park Documentary to celebrate the history of this skate sanctuary. When Boots began collecting footage of Peace Park in the early nineties, he had no plans of creating a documentary. But when a car accident left him with a busted ankle, he found himself spending more and more time at the Park, taking...

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Marc Johnson Video Interview

In the words of Lucas Beaufort, “this is true, raw and deep shit.” When Lucas filmed for DEVOTED, some people gave him a lot; Marc Johnson was one of them. Check out a big part of his interview below. To watch DEVOTED – a documentary on skate media, click...

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éS SWIFT 1.5

éS footwear recently took their new shoe, the SWIFT 1.5 to court – the West LA Courthouse, in Santa Monica, Ca. Skateboarders have accused the SWIFT 1.5 of being the best skate shoe of the decade. A subpoena was sent to Tom Asta and Ronnie Creager to testify on this accusation. Under oath they both agreed that the board feel, durability, and 90’s styling was above and beyond what they’ve been looking for in a skate shoe. VERDICT: Guilty of being the best shoe of the decade. Any objections to this decision should be made at your local skate...

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