Author: Jeff Thorburn


Some of the crew from Leeside stave off frostbite, during a colder-than-usual Vancouver winter, by putting in some heavy sessions down in the...

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Brunch, a new video from Jacee Juhasz is now out for your viewing pleasure. Featuring Zander Mitchell, Leon Chapdelaine, Linus Taylor, River Tavis, Dustin Henry, and many more. Illustrations by Luke...

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Let’s Appreciate: Kevin Lowry in “Elephant Direct”

The opening builds quickly and you know it’s all good stuff to come. Jeremy Elkin sets a classic mood through a mix of static and spastic Super 8 clips, and then Kevin Lowry takes over with a big snap to Backside 50-50 right out of the gate. I had known Kevin for many years by this point, but this part in particular always makes me think of when I first saw Nick Jensen’s part in Lost and Found. Treat yourself to that part after this. Anyway, back to Kevin. Thanks to Elkin’s patience and eye for style, Kevin had...

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Let’s Appreciate: Wade Fyfe in “Supper’s Ready”

It’s a quick part, shorter in length than most of what you watch on Instagram these days, but it packs a heavy punch. Multiple hits of yellow lead to an opener of a Nollie Backside Tailslide around the curved ledge at Vancouver’s Hot Spot, while a beat breaks over a victorious synth. There’s an underground line in camo cargos 10 years before you were wearing them. An extremely patient Switch Heelflip Nose Manual with a hefty drop introduces a looped middle eastern chanting. Then comes my personal favourite, in the parking lot of the Nutty Club in Winnipeg: another...

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