Author: Dan Mathieu

Pool Block Finale at TRH Bar Quebec (Photos)

Man, TRH Bar Quebec is a crazy place! It was my first time there for the Pool Block Finale and the evening is just one big blur, but I somehow managed to capture some photos in focus.   Julien Gagnon, frontside air   Pat Tremblay, backside boneless   Fred Luyet   Gab Proulx, frontside wall bash   Felix Patry   Snowboard legends are everywhere in Quebec City! Guillaume Brochu and Boutique du Skate owner LNP      ...

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Overtime Teaser

“Overtime” a full length skateboard video by Alex Doyle coming 2018. Featuring Kyle Nickoshie, Skylar Kehr, Tom Robinson, Dane Pryds, Robert Jasiorkowski, and many more....

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Catching Up With Colin Lambert

Interview By Cain Lambert     -Hey Colin, what’s up dude? Nothing much, just hanging out at Sk8 Skates.   -What’s good with the shop? Oh, lot’s of things, Where do you want me to start? It’s our 30th anniversary this year, that’s pretty awesome. I think we’re the second longest running skate shop in Canada after Pro Skates. We just released a full length a couple months ago and the team is shredding and working on new projects. Sales are good, kids are hyped on the shop. Yeah, lots of good stuff.   -The Sk8 Skates team is...

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