Author: Dan Mathieu

Longueil Skate Fest

Grosse journée au skateparc de St-Hubert samedi dernier pour la 8e édition du Skatefest de Longueil.   C’est toujours le fun de voir les petits shredders à l’oeuvre, c’est 3 kids ont ripé toute la journée.   MC Nic Côté   Filip Bucuresteanu, backside tailslide   Raph Seguin   Tout le monde aime JS Lapièrre!   Chloé Morin, noseslide   JF Gagné, backside 180 nosegrind   Mason Cluet avec le smooth 3flip, every tries.   JS Lapierre, grand gagnant de la journée.      ...

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Charles Deschamps gets a signature DC Shoes Colorway

Charles Deschamps has been killing it on a skateboard for as long as we can remember, and his skills on the devil’s plank are paying off; Charles now has is own signature shoe with DC shoes! Last night, Empire Skate Shop hosted a BBQ / Best trick contest at Montreal’s Le Taz Skatepark to celebrate the release of Charles’s X DC Shoes colorway. Here are some photos from last night shot by photographer Ryan Lebel. Charles Deschamps, backside tailslide   Vince Baldo, noseblunt slide   I don’t have the name that goes with this hard flip, let me know...

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EXOshop presents “Chronology”

On June 17, Quebec City’s EXOshop premieres its most recent video project, Chronology. Clic here for all details.         Before the premiere, from 1 to 5pm, head out to the Qc Skate Plaza for a best trick contest presented by Vans. Clic here for more details.        ...

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Neighbourhood ‘zine Release

At SBC Skateboard Magazine we strongly believe in print media and we love to see all the small ‘zines popping left and right. Its pretty awesome to see skateboarders take matters into their own hands to make sure that print does not go away in this short lived digital aged. Mississauga photographer Nathan Stripp recently released the first issue of his ‘zine, Neighbourhood, below are a bunch of photos from that day along with some words from Nathan. Ben Paterson   Neighbourhood is an independent skate zine based out of Mississauga, Ontario with the purpose of supporting the local skate...

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