The name Red Star may sound familiar to some, but the brand is sure to be a household name to Canadian skaters in the very near future. July 1st, 2010 marks the re-launch of Red Star with an all-new stacked Canadian team, hand picked by new team manager and Red Star pro, Paul Machnau.

“I’ve been in the game for a long time and I feel it’s my turn to give back a little bit”, says Machnau about stepping up as team manager. “We wanted a team that would be willing to work and make this happen.” Also joining the pro ranks is Ontario’s own Grant Patterson. “I guess it’ll hit me once I’m riding my own board”, says Patterson of his new pro status. “An all Canadian team is something Canadian skaters can relate to since a lot more Canadians follow Canadian mags than anything else.”

“It’s a good time for a Canadian company to break out”

Rounding out the team are two ams that Canadian skaters will no doubt be familiar with: Ottawa, Ont.’s Paul Trep and London, Ont.’s Chad Dickson. “In my eyes, Trep is one of the most underrated skaters I’ve ever seen”, says Machnau. “He’s going to blow minds when we come out with videos and what we have planned.”

“When they told me who all was on the team, I knew it was a great opportunity”, explains Dickson about his decision to join the crew. Dickson is also stoked on how the whole team, even the ams, have a say in the creative aspects of the company: “We all get to decide on the graphics and we all have to approve of it. We’re trying to make this legit.”

Backing a team of this caliber and keeping it within Canada is not just a big opportunity to the initial team riders, Machnau sees the opportunity this will create for this new generation of up-and-coming shredders who might not have to migrate south to get hooked up. “I’ve lived my whole career going to the States and getting American sponsors, dealing with getting work visa and all that. Canada has amazing skaters that kind of get slept on because they don’t have the money to travel or the funds to get down to the U.S. for contests.
It’s a good time for a Canadian company to break out”, continues Machnau. “Stars are aligning.”

Red Star team left to right
: Paul Trep, Grant Patterson, Chad Dickson and Paul Machnau. Photo: Dan Mathieu.